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John Clarke

Historian of Brookwood Cemetery

Institutions Using Brookwood Cemetery

List of Institutions, Guilds and Similar Organisations Known to Have Used Brookwood Cemetery

This list is based on my ongoing research into Brookwood Cemetery. It contains the names of over sixty institutions that are known to have used Brookwood Cemetery for burials. The list is not necessarily exhaustive, but I believe it to be fairly comprehensive.

The London Necropolis Company encouraged guilds and institutions to use its cemetery so that those who had been united in life would not be separated in death.

Often separate areas were set aside for these organisations. However, institutions such as hospitals, workhouses and prisons, which largely used the cemetery for the burial of the poor, or otherwise unclaimed bodies, used Brookwood without designated areas being allocated.

There is a similar page for churches known to have used Brookwood Cemetery.

The list will be updated and amended as necessary. If you are aware of any errors or omissions, then please feel free to contact me.

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Known Dates

Ancient Order of Foresters

June 1863 onward


1865 - c1920

Bethlem Hospital

1856 - c1920

Botleys Park Hospital, Chobham

1948 - c1965

Brookwood Hospital (Surrey County Lunatic Asylum)

1867 - 1990

Charing Cross Hospital

1855 onward

City of London Union Workhouse

1859 onward

Consumption Hospital, Brompton

1855 onward

Corps of Commissionaires

1860 onward

Dramatic, Equestrian & Musical Sick Fund

June 1858 - 1970

Fever Hospital (Liverpool Road, Islington)

1857 onward

French Protestant

1865 onward

Guild of St Alban’s

1856 onward

Guy’s Hospital

1855 onward

Holborn Union Workhouse

1858 onward

Holloway Prison

1855 onward

Homeopathic Hospital (Golden Square and Great Ormond Street)

1856 - c1910

King’s College Hospital

1855 - c1910

Lambeth Workhouse

1858 onward

London & South Western Railway

1865 - 1923

London Hospital

1859 onward

Middlesex Hospital

1857 onward

Military Ground

1866 onward

Newington Workhouse, Walworth

1856 onward


October 1861 onward

Order of Reparation

1872 - 1955

Parsees (Zoroastrians)

1862 - present

Royal Free Hospital (Gray’s Inn Road)

1858 onward

Royal Hospital Chelsea

1894 - present

Royal Infirmary for Women & Children (Waterloo Road)

1856 onward

St Bartholomew’s Hospital

1856 onward

St George’s Hanover Square Workhouse

1857 onward

St George’s Hospital

1855 onward

St George’s Southwark Workhouse

1856 - c1920

St Giles in the Fields Workhouse

1857 onward

St Joseph’s Hospital, Kensington

1875 - c1910

St Luke’s Workhouse (Chelsea)

1858 onward

St Margaret & St John Westminster Workhouse (Kensington)

1856 onward

St Martin’s in the Fields Workhouse (incorporated into the Strand Union)

1855 - 1868

St Mary the Virgin, Wantage

1920 - 1961

St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington

1856 onward

St Marylebone Workhouse

1858 onward

St Pancras Workhouse

1858 onward

St Peter’s Home, Woking

c1890 - 1985

St Thomas’s Hospital (patients)

1858 onward

St Thomas’s Hospital (staff)

1919 - 1965

School for the Indigent Blind (St George’s Fields, Southwark)

1856 - 1901

Sisterhood of St John the Divine

1872 - 1965

Southern Railway

1923 - 1948

Strand Union Workhouse

1856  onward

Surrey County Lunatic Asylum (Brookwood Hospital)

1867 - 1990

Tothill Fields Prison

1855 - 1877

University College Hospital

1856 onward

Victoria Park Hospital

1858 onward

Wandsworth Union Workhouse

1858 onward

West London Union Workhouse (incorporated into the City of London Union)

1857 - 1864

Westminster Hospital

1855 onward

Woking Prison (male) A list of prisoners from the 1881 census can be found here

1859 - 1889

Woking Prison (female)

1869 - 1895

Zoroastrian (Parsee)

1862 - present