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The Brookwood Necropolis Railway An Introduction to Brookwood Cemetery The Columbarium, Brookwood Cemetery The Glades of Remebrance, Brookwood Cemetery The Bisley Camp Branch Line

John Clarke

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The Glades of Remembrance

TThe Glades of Remembrance by Brian Parsons, Erkin Guney and John Clarkehe Glades of Remembrance

by Brian Parsons, Erkin Guney & John Clarke

Published by Brookwood Park Limited, 2010

Paperback, with 40 pages, and 39 illustrations (mostly in colour)

Price: £5.00


To Order: I have a strictly limited quantity remaining. If you are interested in ordering a copy, please feel free to contact me.

The Glades of Remembrance (Brookwood Cemetery) celebrates the 60th anniversary of the dedication of the Glades at Brookwood Cemetery. It also commemorates the restoration of the lake at the entrance to the Glades by the Guney family in memory of the late Ramadan Guney, owner of Brookwood Cemetery from 1985-2006. The booklet also draws attention to this less visited part of the cemetery.

Based on a series of original articles by Brian Parsons that outline Edward White’s work in planning memorial gardens for the reception of ashes, the booklet also describes the restoration of the lake and a suggested tour of the site. This section incorporates biographical notes on some of those whose ashes lie in the Glades.